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4 to 6 Pounds - High Flow

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When you want the best portable oxygen concentrator for your lifestyle, check out our huge online selection of high-flow portable oxygen concentrators! For many patients in need of oxygen therapy, it can be a challenge finding the perfect unit that not only delivers high-flow oxygen, but also is lightweight and easy to travel with. Thankfully, we carry a variety of concentrator units that fit the bill! If you need high-flow oxygen, but don't want to heft around a heavy unit, these brands and models may be right for you. We proudly offer many units that are between 4-6 pounds, easy to operate, and built to last. 

From some of the top names in the industry, our lightweight high-flow portable oxygen concentrators are innovative and portable. These units can be adjusted to suit your unique needs, and won’t hold you back from living an active life. For managing your COPD or other respiratory condition, you deserve the best oxygen delivery that you can take with you anywhere. Our 4-6 pound concentrators are perfect for those who love to travel, be outdoors, and visit friends and family, all while getting the reliable dose of oxygen they need to feel their best.

At Portable Oxygen Solutions, we carry top name brands of high-flow portable oxygen concentrators online, between 4-6 pounds in weight. Take a look at our selection, and if you need help choosing the right one for you, we’re happy to assist you!

  • Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator System

    Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator System

    Only 4.7 pounds! Our Inogen One G5 is a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator system that provides 1-6 pulse settings. The G5 is recommended for 24/7 use, including sleep, making it a preferred system for travel. The Single Battery will last up to 5...

  • Rhythm P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Rhythm P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    The Rhythm P2 portable oxygen concentrator now offers you a small, compact device weighing only 4.37 lbs with pulse settings of 1-5, all designed for 24/7 use. Portable Oxygen Solutions is here to provide the best brands of portable oxygen concentrators...

  • Oxlife Freedom Portable Oxygen Concentrator Front View by O2 Concepts

    Oxlife Freedom Portable Oxygen Concentrator by O2 Concepts

    Made in the USA! Weighing only 5 pounds with a battery option up to 9 hours, our Oxlife Freedom Portable Oxygen System provides pulse flow oxygen from 1-5. The Freedom comes standard with a 3 Year Warranty (Best-In-Class) and is FAA approved. Learn...

  • Caire Freestyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator Front View

    Caire Freestyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Caire FreeStyle Comfort Oxygen System With its ergonomic shape, the lightweight Caire FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator rests against the natural curves of your body, making it comfortable to wear while on-the-go. Equipped with...