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Under 4 Pounds


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Here at Portable Oxygen Solutions, we believe that oxygen therapy should make your life easier, not hold you back. For patients with COPD or other respiratory conditions, portable oxygen concentrators are often prescribed to manage symptoms. There are many types of concentrators on the market today, but if you want one that makes sense for your active lifestyle, look for the lightweight units. We’re proud to carry a wide variety of oxygen concentrators under four pounds, that are easy to operate and bring with you wherever you go. Even if you need supplemental oxygen, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort and convenience.

Our selection of ultra-light portable oxygen concentrators from Inogen One gives you the support that you need, and the freedom you deserve. With the right unit, you can enjoy traveling, exercising, and spending your time out and about...or even just walking around the house! When you want maximum convenience, and don’t want to haul around a heavy concentrator, come to Portable Oxygen Solutions. We’ve got units under 4 pounds that are made with the latest technology, giving you reliable oxygen therapy without the burden.

If you have questions about any of our lightweight oxygen concentrators online, reach out to speak with one of our friendly team members!