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Why Buy A Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

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Why Buy Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Sale From Portable Oxygen Solutions?

When a person is prescribed oxygen therapy, they may feel like their freedom is inhibited. They may feel tethered to their home because of antiquated machines and full oxygen tanks that are burdensome and too heavy to carry or pull. They could give up an active lifestyle. We believe the right oxygen equipment can be as important as the oxygen itself, in terms of continuing an active lifestyle for overall mental and physical health.

Physicians have long understood the importance in keeping oxygen therapy users active and in compliance with their drug for a healthier, happier and longer life. Technology is providing a better way for oxygen therapy users to receive their oxygen and stay active and that is by the use of a portable oxygen concentrator (POC). Unfortunately, the technology is all too often not provided to the oxygen user. It is not necessarily the fault of the home equipment providers because they have to work within Medicare and Private Insurance compliance and guidelines. But still the answer is "NO". So now, what do you do? 

For those who want to take charge of their life, our answer is “YES”!  Portable Oxygen Solutions was founded so those patients who want and deserve the benefits of a Portable Oxygen Concentrator have an expert resource to get the best when it comes to portable oxygen concentrators for sale. With over 30 years combined experience in the respiratory industry, we have adopted a “BEST IN CLASS” attitude to help you make a confident and easy decision on which Portable Oxygen Concentrator is right for you.

Why buy a Portable Oxygen Concentrator for sale?  

Portable Oxygen Concentrators have many advantages over traditional oxygen equipment:

  • Portable oxygen concentrators provide an unlimited supply of oxygen, so you avoid having to carry additional tanks and you no longer worry about running out of oxygen.
  • Portable oxygen concentrators are lightweight, do not look like a medical device and encourage you to be more mobile by allowing you to switch between AC power at home, to DC power in a vehicle, to battery power for true freedom and portability.
  • All of the Portable Oxygen Concentrators we carry are FAA approved for use on commercial airlines.  
  • Portable oxygen concentrators allow you to have your oxygen, anytime, anywhere.