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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Travel Guide

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Traveling With A Portable Oxygen Concentrator

If you have been prescribed oxygen therapy, there is no need to give up the things you love, including travel.
If you talk with your doctor and properly plan, the sky is literally the limit. Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) make travel much simpler as the units are lightweight, easy to manage, and run on rechargeable batteries, thus alleviating the need to carry extra tanks or arrange for oxygen equipment at your destination. With A Portable Concentrator you have an unlimited supply of Oxygen right at your fingertips!
Before traveling, make sure you take these important steps:

  • Determine where, when and how you will be traveling. You may want to choose areas with an elevation and climate similar to what you are accustomed to. Areas of high elevations and extreme humidity may cause difficulty in breathing.
  • Discuss your travel plans with your physician and make sure he or she feels that it is safe for you to travel. Inform your doctor of your destination, method of travel, route, and length of stay.
  • Request from your physician a copy of your prescription for a portable oxygen concentrator and a letter specifying your general condition and the need for oxygen, oxygen flow rate/setting and duration of oxygen requirements for in flight use. Keep several copies with you at all times during travel.
  • POC’s are mechanical devices which can sometimes require service or repair. Discuss your travel plans with your primary oxygen provider to determine and confirm your best options in the event you are in need of emergency reserve supply of oxygen.

4 Tips to get the most out of your portable oxygen concentrator battery:

  • When you first receive your Portable Oxygen Concentrator or before leaving on your trip; be sure to fully charge the internal battery & supplemental battery overnight.
  • Try to utilize AC power outlets whenever possible and DC power outlets whenever you are in a moving vehicle (Save Portable Concentrator Battery When possible).
  • Batteries can be “topped off” at any time. Remember your ABC’s: Always Be Charging.
  • Recharge your battery as soon as possible after becoming discharged. This will help to prolong the life of your batteries and make sure you always have a charged battery ready to go.