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Inogen One G5 and G4 Comparison Reviews

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Inogen One G4, G5, and G3 Systems Reviews

Inogen, the factory, manufacturers the brand new Inogen One G5,  the smaller Inogen One G4 and the Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrator systems. All Inogen One portable oxygen systems meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards for airline travel.

Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrators Review

Inogen is one of our most sought after brands and considered, by many, to be one of the best brand of portable oxygen concentrators available. All three models have proprietary technology Inogen calls Intelligent Delivery Technology. This technology delivers oxygen within the first two-thirds of your inhalation when oxygen best reaches the lung and has the most impact on gas exchange. After thorough clinical studies, Intelligent Delivery Technology received clinical validation for providing the necessary oxygen levels to most users during any activity throughout the day and at night during sleep. An Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator can simplify life by replacing much, if not all, bulky oxygen equipment for many users requiring oxygen therapy.

Inogen’s portable oxygen concentrators require no heavy tanks to manage and never have to be refilled or replaced. You simply have an unlimited supply of oxygen. Switching to an Inogen One portable oxygen system means you no longer have to schedule your entire life around your oxygen tank deliveries and refills. 

The Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator includes a power cord that plugs into a wall outlet or DC power cord for the vehicle outlet, or use the rechargeable battery when you're on-the-go. Inogen makes going anywhere with oxygen much easier compared to managing cumbersome tanks, and both Inogen One models are FAA approved for use on board all U.S. airlines. Our Inogen portable oxygen concentrators come with a Risk-Free trial (restocking fees may apply), and a standard three-year or upgraded lifetime warranty with the discount bundles we offer. 


Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrator Models For Sale

Choosing between Inogen portable oxygen concentrator models is not all that complicated with Inogen’s small, simple and clinically proven products. The Inogen One portable oxygen system is now available in three proven models: the ALL NEW G5, the 2.8 pound G4 and the G3. The simple comparison chart below can help you determine which model would be best suited to your oxygen requirements and your lifestyle.


Features Inogen One G4 Inogen One G3 New Inogen One G5
Pulse Flow Settings 3 5 6
Weight Single Battery 2.8 pounds* 4.8 pounds* 4.7 pounds*
Weight Double Battery 3.29 pounds** 5.8 pounds** 5.7 pounds**
AC & DC Power Yes Yes Yes
Battery Run Time Up to 6 Hours** Up To 8 Hours** Up to 13 Hours**

3 Years Standard

LifeTime Available

3 Years Standard Lifetime Available

3 Years Standard

Lifetime Available

*with Single battery
**with Double battery


All of our Inogen packages include a carrying bag, AC/DC power cords, battery or batteries, and free shipping with each portable oxygen concentrator. The G4 and G5 models work with the Inogen Connect Blue Tooth Mobile app to view battery and column life, reset columns, receive maintenance reminders and software updates for the G4 and G5.  Available upon request. At this time the G3 doesn't include the connect app but we imagine it's not far behind.

Inogen Freedom Bundle and Packages

We offer you money-saving Inogen One Freedom Packages for Inogen One G5 portable Oxygen concentrator, the Inogen One G4 portable Oxygen concentrator and G3 model with the standard three-year, extra batteries or a lifetime warranty upgrade. We sell a full line of accessories for both portable oxygen concentrator models at very reasonable prices. Call for Pricing and Details.

How to Buy Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrators

We sell directly via this website or by phone (Recommended). You will get product details on the site but it is recommended to call one of our friendly oxygen specialists to verify package and best pricing.
Call 1-800-958-0192 TODAY!

Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrators Q&A

  • Q. Are Inogen portable oxygen concentrators noisy? A. While you may hear a low hum from the compressor and an internal switching sound as the machine converts ambient air to medical grade oxygen, the Inogen One G5, G4 and G3 are 3 of the quietest portable oxygen concentrators on the market coming in at an estimated 38-39 decibels. 

  • Q. Do commercial airlines allow Inogen portable oxygen concentrators on flights? A. Yes. The FAA approves all Inogen One models for use on any major commercial aircraft.

  • Q. What type of maintenance do Inogen portable oxygen concentrators require? A. The systems are virtually maintenance free. There is a particle screen and reusable filter which may be cleaned with warm soapy water and reinserted. The metal columns holding the molecular sieve beds (essentially the lungs to the device) may need replacing every so often. These sieve beds come with standard 1 year warranty. However, this is not a required or routine preventive maintenance schedule. The devices monitors themselves and will alert you via an error message when service is required. Much like an oil light coming on in your car.

  • Q. Do I need a prescription to purchase a portable oxygen concentrator? A. Yes, to purchase any model portable oxygen concentrator in the United States, you must have a valid doctor's prescription. We can help get the Rx for you.

  • Q. What makes Inogen one of the more popular models? A. Inogen has been a leader in the portable concentrator industry for years and has won many awards for their design and technology.