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Oxygen Therapy Resources

Oxygen therapy is provided in a variety of different forms.  People who have been prescribed supplemental oxygen can use a home oxygen concentrator, portable oxygen machine, or an oxygen tank. Oxygen tanks store a set amount of oxygen that has been compressed and will eventually run out and need to be replaced or re-filled. Stationary home concentrators take-in ambient air, then concentrates it and purifies it so that it can be used by those people requiring medical oxygen. A home concentrator machine does not store any oxygen but can produce an unlimited supply of oxygen, therefore, will never run out of oxygen.  A Portable Oxygen Concentrator is very similar to a home oxygen concentrator, but is smaller in size, lighter weight and more mobile. 

Home oxygen concentrators are best used as a stationary unit in the home for oxygen therapy. Stationary concentrators are powered by an AC power cord which can be plugged into any standard electrical wall outlet. Oxygen tanks can allow for some mobility, but can be cumbersome, heavy and difficult to comply with on a day-to-day basis. Portable oxygen compressor machines, as their name suggests, are ideally suited for on-the-go oxygen therapy. The right portable oxygen concentrator promotes a more active lifestyle for patients and makes it easy for patients to travel freely. They are small enough to fit in a vehicle and all of the top portable oxygen compressor machines are now FAA-approved for use on commercial airlines. These versatile oxygen machines also allow you to switch from AC power at home, to DC power in your vehicle, to the unit's own internal battery for true freedom and portability.