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Why Self-Care is So Important With COPD

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Living with any kind of chronic or degenerative condition can take a toll on someone’s mind and spirit. Even if you are following doctor’s orders, taking your meds, and using your oxygen, you may struggle with your limitations sometimes. It can be frustrating, especially if you are newly diagnosed, having to think about these extra things that come with COPD. It’s important to invest in your self-care, so you can feel mentally and emotionally as good as possible.

There are many things that count as “self-care,” which is a concept that is talked about a lot these days. The basic idea is that you are worthy of having some rest, of eating healthy food, of treating yourself to a bubble bath, or of carving out your “me” time, so you can feel refreshed. It’s not sustainable, to constantly be working or on the go, with no time for taking care of your mind, body, or spirit. This is especially true for those with COPD.

Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s a basic part of being human, and ensuring that you can make the most out of your days. Here are some examples of good self-care:

  • Getting an extra hour of sleep
  • Enjoying a quiet morning of reading, meditation, or prayer
  • Choosing a healthier option at a restaurant
  • Prioritizing your medical or therapy appointments
  • Meeting with a counselor or support group
  • Saying “no” to invitations when you know they would drain you
  • Taking your medications and vitamins as directed
  • Stretching or moving your body

Invest in yourself and take care of all the aspects of who you are. This will make living with COPD much easier.

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