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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Travel Tips

Posted by Jeff Dewberry on 22nd Sep 2021

Get your portable oxygen concentrator road-ready! If you are one of the millions of Americans who use supplemental oxygen, you probably want to maintain the most active and independent lifestyle possible while receiving this therapy. Even if you live with a condition like COPD, you still have the freedom to be out and about in the world. Traveling, working, exercising, and anything else is still available to you with the right portable oxygen concentrator. One of the biggest benefits of these devices is their lightweight portability, allowing you to take them with you anywhere.

Whether you’re attending a concert, taking a road trip to see family, or commuting to work, you still need your life-giving oxygen. In order to make the most out of your oxygen therapy, here are a few portable oxygen concentrator travel tips to keep in mind when on the road:

1. Pack your accessories

Every portable oxygen concentrator comes with the accessories you need for operation. Before you leave the house, make sure you have your extra batteries, car power adapter, extra cannula and tubing, cleaning wipes, and anything else you may need. The last thing you want to deal with when out is a dead battery!

2. Get the right carrying case

Most portable oxygen concentrators are ultra lightweight, making them easy to take around town. Many also come with stylish carrying cases, which you can wear for maximum comfort. Get a case that makes sense for your body and your lifestyle—there are over-the-shoulder styles, backpack styles, rolling case styles, and more!

3. Keep it clean

While oxygen concentrators are designed to stay clean and offer efficient operation for long periods, they do still need maintenance sometimes. Take time to clean your concentrator properly and make sure your filters don’t need replacing. And depending on the environment you’re visiting, you may need to clean it more often—areas with high pollution, smoke, or smog put more strain on the unit.

Do you use supplemental oxygen therapy, but also love to travel or be out around town? Ask us about our convenient lightweight portable oxygen concentrator units and how they can support your active lifestyle! We hope our portable oxygen concentrator travel tips inspired you to take your next adventure. Contact Portable Oxygen Solutions today! 

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