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Affordable Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Your Budget

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With millions of people living with conditions like COPD, it’s no wonder that so many people are searching for affordable portable oxygen concentrators online. These incredible machines provide life-giving oxygen therapy to patients all over the country, and if your doctor has prescribed one for you, you’re probably wondering where you can get a portable concentrator on a budget. New oxygen concentrator units vary in price, typically between $1,500 to $3,500, depending on the model, battery types, and accessories, and refurbished units can be bought starting around $800. Because of this huge range, most people need some guidance finding the best option for them and their budget.

Years ago, oxygen concentrators were very large, heavy, and challenging to use, but these days, you can enjoy your freedom and independence thanks to lightweight portable oxygen concentrators. Plus, you can save some money with our selection of affordable portable oxygen concentrators from brands like Inogen One, Philips Respironics, and more! You can get the oxygen that you need to live an active, fulfilling life, without spending a fortune. It’s always a great idea to do your research to find the best concentrators online, and to compare prices, to get yourself an unbeatable deal.

Being able to take your oxygen therapy with you anywhere is an amazing convenience, helping you feel confident going wherever you want to go. Portable oxygen concentrators feature innovative technology in a small package, which is why they’re often pricey. Based upon your lifestyle and medical needs, you may need certain features in your concentrator unit, and these come at different price points. However, if you search for the best prices on portable oxygen concentrators, you’ll find plenty of great models and options to choose from!

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