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Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Welcome to Portable Oxygen Solutions! Our #1 priority is to promote your active lifestyle and improve your quality of life. We'll help you select the right portable oxygen concentrator that will allow you to go anywhere, anytime, with ease – and not worry about running out of oxygen. Call 1-800-958-0192 for assistance in finding the best portable oxygen concentrator for sale that is best suited to your clinical needs and lifestyle expectations.


The Lifechoice ActivOx portable oxygen concentrator is a customer and staff favorite. It's available in a Sport Model weighing just 3.9 pounds or the Pro Model offering up to 12.5 hours of battery life at only 4.3 pounds! To kick off the summer, we have both model ActivOx units on sale at our lowest prices of the year. Find out if the ActivOx is right for you! Our respiratory specialists are ready to assist you with your specific oxygen needs.

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Portable Oxygen Solutions is an Authorized Dealer for all of our Portable Oxygen Concentrators and Accessories. We proudly offer the best oxygen concentrator prices online while also providing expert advice and excellent service for all of your portable oxygen concentrator needs. We have selected the top manufacturers (Airsep and Sequal (CAIRE), Philips Respironics, Inova Labs, and Invacare) and their best products (SimplyGo, Activox Sport, Activox Pro, Eclipse 5, XPO2, Solo2, Freestyle, Freestyle 5, and Focus).

These Portable Oxygen Concentrators for sale are designed to provide active oxygen users unparalleled freedom and independence and an ability to live life without the restraints imposed by traditional oxygen therapy devices. Our Line of portable oxygen concentrators can assist you in your quest to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while simplifying your life and making it easier to comply with your oxygen therapy.